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Hello, and Welcome to Ironic Clown!

About This Blog:

Ironic Clown was started on the 28th of April, 2008. I will try to update this blog as much as I can although I have to do other work too. Ironic Clown will give you a diverse range of Japanese Pop (or J-Pop) and also some Western artists.

The Name:
By now you’re probably wondering, what the hell this name means and where I got it from, but the point of the matter is I too, often find myself asking exactly the same thing. I was in school one day daydreaming… as you do, and the two words Ironic and Clown came out of no where and from then on it sort of just stuck, until I had an excellent idea, that I would start a J-Pop blog and name it after my ingenious name. It was only after I created this blog that I relised, most – or in this case – all J-Pop blogs are named after a specific song… but who really cares. Maybe one day there will be a song called “Ironic Clown”, but for the time being this blog is called Ironic Clown and that’s that – nothing more or less to it.

About Me:

Joshua is the name (or Josh if you feel like showing your informal side). I’m fourteen years old and I currently reside in Sydney, Australia which is a pretty nice place to be, however when I’m older I’m planning on travelling around Europe for a while. As you may have already picked up I enjoy music… especially Japanese music. I play the piano, however I have had no formal training since my beloved piano teacher travelled to Canada, and seeing I got a new bed and the piano doesn’t fit in my room anymore, I haven’t been able to play for a while which I miss T_T. I also have a dabble at guitar every now and then but I’m not very good at guitar. I enjoy a very diverse range of music however recently I have been leaning more laidback songs, however every once in a while I need my Kuu fix. Lulz. I’m a Christian and that’s pretty cool. I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading and writing, seeing movies, watching TV (don’t watch all that much besides Vicar of Dibley and Ghost Whisperer which are one of the few shows that have managed to grab my attention) , playing the odd game of futsal or soccer, going to the beach and stuff like that. I’m not the video game type, and when it comes to playing video games I pretty much suck, the only video games I’ve ever managed to finish are Tetris and Professor Layton & The Curious Village which are both games that do not rely on hand eye coordination ^^. I’m quite the social type if I may say so myself and basically I love having fun~! I hoped you liked reading about my life story… lulz.

Random Fact:
I love love love love LOVE themeparks!

Rating System:

The rating system, used on this blog is the 5 star rating system. How review are rated are outlined below, but I am sure most of you know how it works already.

1 Star 1 star – Needs some serious work. Listen to at own risk…

2 Stars 2 stars – Not enjoyable – boring and dull

3 Stars 3 stars – Average, good, but not great.

4 Stars 4 stars – This is nice, well created and worth listening to.

5 Stars 5 stars – Quite simple it’s perfect. A must listen.

Half stars –½ Star – are used when a material doesn’t fit the criteria above or below it.

 Just something you should probably take note of: Views on my blog are my opinion. Not yours, mine. If you disagree with my views, that’s fine. However don’t post comments like “you’re stupid because you don’t like what I like” because you just end up looking like an idiot. If you are going to criticise something about my post, do it constructively otherwise get your own blog and you can babble on as much as you want about how our opinions are different. In short respect my opinions and I’ll respect yours (:

One last thing: Because I’m Australian I spell words like “colours”, “mum” and “organise” differently than Americans so just deal with it, you should be able to survive!

 I hope you enjoy this blog, as much as I have to made it, and with this said; I now leave you to Kuma Chan

Kuma Chan 

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hi! :) i saw your site just now and i think it’s great!!!
so… can we exchange links?? thanks!

my site is called “Shuffle and Repeat”:

PS. my name is also Joshua :)

Comment by josh012595

hi, thanks for adding me :)
wish your site all the best

Comment by josh012595

XD I just realised your linked us. Returned the favour on our blog :)

– Megumi

Comment by Megumi or Tsuki

HEYYY you know who i am… i hope. well anyway your site is great and i hope u do well for the next review!! du bist sehr lieb und cool. sorry for my lame german XD anyway cya soon

Comment by Rebecca

Ooooh, that explains it. I’ve gotta try to hunt that place down then~ >< Thanks for that info.

And of course you can add me. I can’t add you at the moment (It’s a long story…), but as soon as I get home, I’ll add you back. ^^

Comment by Selryam

I added you to my site, exchange links? I see you live in Australia, it’s my dream to go there!

Comment by JJ

Oh hey!
Sure, I’ll add you to my blogroll.

Comment by blackmager

hello! I love this site!! =) hehehehe I live in Australia too!! NSW… Yea, I wish there was more shops that sell Jpop stuff. ^_^

We have similar music tastes! XD

Don’t know what else to say…Keep up the great work!

Comment by Amy

Hi! I wanted to know if you wanted to exchange links? I really like your reviews.


Comment by radiantdawn

Sorry about replying so late, but I did add your site to my blogroll a while ago. Anyways, you make great reviews and keep it up!

Comment by Lex

hello! I really like your reviews (of course I LOVE the alan review cause I LOVE that song too!) and was wondering if you would like to exchange links with my two blogs :)

Thanks so much for your consideration :)

Comment by amaiyume

hi joshh. just commenting because i feel like it.
i’m bored.
oh cool
you got 11 responses.
now 12 because of me :]
but the thing is.
you can’t reply to me.
its sad isn’t it?
all your music that you sing in school is rated on this blog.
true fact.
i’ll comment you back on myspace.
read this.
but don’t reply.
unless you can.
which i doubt.
unless you reply to your own.
but it would be -ish weird.
blah blah blah blah blah


Comment by celia;

forgot to say something.
i have a cool picture btw.
ironic clown?
that is all.
i love spaces.
they are awesome

Comment by celia;

sure, just added you

Comment by Die

I’m glad you like my blog! It has been time consuming, but it’s fulfilling in a way. Plus, I’m biding my time until second semester starts up. It’s summer in Australia now, right? What part do you live in? I visited a couple years ago.

~Ali Nicole

Comment by alinicole89

Oh, geez, I changed that ages ago, I can’t really remember, honestly… xD

Um… I think it’s under General Settings. You can change the image that represents your blog there, but I can’t remember if that’s the right option to do it. Try that and if it doesn’t work, I can look a bit more for you.

Comment by Selryam

Actually, that IS the right one. You have to change your blog picture to change the icon, since it’ll be the picture that represents your blog all over WordPress.

Including the address bar. My blog picture is of MEG’s latest cover and, surprise, she’s also the little icon. If it really doesn’t work, though, I can look again for you.

Comment by Selryam

hey i added ya to my blogroll whoohah!!

Comment by solarblade

hey joshua! just wanted to drop by and say that the new look your blog has looks great! :D

Comment by josh012595

Haha thankyou XD!

Comment by Ironic Clown

sure sure! I snagged the melody. one, since the Sincerely scans are qt. <3

Comment by radiantdawn

of course I wanna exchange links ^^

Comment by NotebookDarling

Hi there! I was just checking out your blog when I noticed your theme is the same as mine. Pretty cool, huh? Haha.
I have a J-Pop/K-Pop review blog and I was hoping you’d like to exchange links with me.


Comment by askjeevas

i was wondering if you like to exchange links.

mine is


Comment by Ashen Twilight

I like your blog. You should do J-Pop and K-Pop, both are pretty good.

Comment by NyNy

Oh, geez, sorry, I forgot to add your button again! @__@

Adding it now~

Comment by Selryam

Haha, no worries!

Comment by Ironic Clown

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

Comment by sandrar

Hey Josh(ua),

I think you have a great blog here. I like how you review some artists most people neglect (e.g. salyu). I was wondering if you’d like to exchange links? I meant to ask a while ago, but you didn’t seem like you were blogging much.

Tsuki no Ai:
Here’s an image if you’d like:

You’re already added btw.
Happy blogging,
~aoliwa and kowezhi

Comment by tsukinoai

It’s easy to fall in love with Chi-san’s music…and her I guess. Like you, I sort of stumbled upon a YouTube of “Everyhome” and immediately thought, “Who IS this?” I didn’t really know how to classify her music, but I certainly liked it and found myself looking for other songs.

I’m not sure about what she is doing recently, other than that she signed with Universal and her music has taken a harder edge, which I agree with you in that I don’t think it suits her. I don’t know if this was her decision or one by decision, but I hope she never abandons her true forte of ballads with her unique Japanese-Western twist.

Her absence concerned me, as I read the rumors and her admission in a French music rag, and I know how all-too-common is is for artists who rise suddenly to fame to self-destruct in their 30’s. She strikes me as a very intelligent and sensitive person who is not comfortable with the attention her fame has brought her, and the expectations she perceives her fans may expect of her.

If she were to read this, I would simply say to her, “Do what you love and take care of yourself; those who truly admire and appreciate what you do expect nothing more.”

BTW, did I read you are 14 years old? Um, my advice to you would be to make writing a part of whatever career choice you make. You are very good at it.

Comment by Peter

Thanks for the compliment XD

Comment by Ironic Clown

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