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Beyoncè – I Am… Sasha Fierce
April 20, 2009, 7:20 pm
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Beyoncè - I Am... Sasha Fierce

Track list:
[Disk One]
1. If I Were A Boy
2. Halo
3. Disappear
4. Broken-Hearted Girl
5. Ave Maria
6. Satellites
[Disk Two]
1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
2. Radio
3. Diva
4. Sweet Dream
5. Video Phone

I Am… Sasha Fierce is Beyoncè’s third solo studio album. It was released on the 8th of November, 2008. It reached number one on the American Billboard Charts.

For her third studio album Beyoncè has been original and conceptual by splitting her album into two parts, which span two disks. The I Am… part of the album shows Beyoncè’s softer side, which is portrayed through the ballads on the first part of the album. Part Two features sexier side, portrayed through her alto ego Sasha Fierce. Splitting the album into two parts was a clever idea, as having one half ballads and the other half upbeat songs means that there is variety throughout.

Beyoncè - I Am... Sasha FierceI Am… starts off with If I Were A Boy, much like the name suggest Beyoncè sings about if she was a boy and how much better it would be, because of less pressure, etcetera etcetera. Somewhat stereotypic al views are expressed here, and in the latter part of the album Beyoncè contradicts herself with the song Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), which is also full of gender stereotyping. Halo, Disappear, Broken-Hearted Girl, Ave Maria and Satellites also show the sweet and sincere side of Beyoncè. Halo is definitely the most aggressive ballad on the album with Beyoncè using her powerhouse vocals to bring the song to life. Disappear and Satellites show a softer side of Beyoncè with sweet and soft vocals. They have sweet lines throughout such as “We exist in our own space. We have all the love we need and when we’re apart I cannot breathe” found in the song Satellites. Ave Maria is a beautiful song which showcases an almost operatic side of Beyoncè. I Am… is the softer side and conservative side of the album.

However, things heat up quickly with Sasha Fierce which starts with the upbeat, fun and catchy Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). Beyoncè has female backing vocals to enhance her voice. Arrangements on Sasha Fierce are retro and upbeat Beyoncè - I Am... Sasha Fierceand range from mid tempo songs such as Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) and Video Phone, to fast songs such as Radio and Sweet Dreams. Diva is the best example of retro, reggae pop found on Sasha Fierce. Diva is one of those rare few songs where the repetitiveness of it makes it that whole lot better. Here she chants the lines “Ima Ima Ima a diva, Ima Ima Ima a diva. Nah nah nah nah Diva is a female version of a hustler, of a hustler” with style. Video Phone shows Beyoncè’s sexiest side yet with provocative lyrics and singing. Video Phone along with the rest of Sasha Fierce shows a new fresh side of Beyoncè that isn’t seen on previous albums. Beyoncè is the main proucer of the album however she worked with some other famous producers and songwriters such Toby Gad and Ryan Tedder which helped showcase a more profound sound through a careful mix of instruments and synth to exhibit the sassier side of Beyoncè through her ego Sasha Fierce.

Both halves are well produced, catchy and well written. The two halves of the album are a great listen and provide music for every occasion, whether you’re in a quite mood or a partying mood. Beyoncè has pressed all the right buttons and created an album that is versatile and durable. Her music on I Am… Sasha Fierce is designed to withstand many listens without getting old, which is rare in the American music industry these days. Beyoncè has showcases a more mature sound on I Am which gives the album depth, however she has not overdone this and has balanced it out with catchy dance tracks on Sasha Fierce which will satisfy pop fans. In a nutshell I Am… amazed by this high quality album, however I can’t say I’m surprised because this diva just can’t place a foot out of line at the moment!


If I Were A Boy | Halo | Disappear | Broken-Hearted Girl | Ave Maria | Satellites | Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It | Radio | Diva | Sweet Dreams | Video Phone



Overall Rating:
5 Stars
5 Stars

Beyoncè - I Am... Sasha Fierce



Beyoncè – B’Day
April 19, 2009, 1:49 pm
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Beyoncè - B'Day

Track list:
1. Déjà Vu [Featuring Jay-Z]
2. Get Me Bodied
3. Suga Mama
4. Upgrade U [Featuring Jay-Z]
5. Ring The Alarm
6. Kitty Kat
7. Freakum Dress
8. Green Light
9. Irreplaceable
10. Resentment
11. Check On It [Featuring Bun B & Slim Thug]

B’Day is Beyoncè’s second solo studio album. It was released worldwide on the 4th of September, 2006. It was released on this date because it marked Beyoncè’s 25th birthday, hence the name B’Day. It reached number one on the American Billboard charts.Beyoncè - B'Day

B’Day was originally scheduled for release in 2004, as a follow up to her debut solo album Dangerously In Love, however due to other commitments such as the movie Dreamgirls, which she starred in, this album was two years late. However it was well worth the wait! B’Day shows a more profound and sassier side of Beyoncè which could not be seen clearly in Dangerously In Love. From the first track on the album, Déjà Vu it is immediately noticeable that Beyoncè’s vocals have greatly improved, and aren’t drowned out by the arrangements, like they were in some songs on the album Dangerously In Love.

Beyoncè - B'DayBeyoncè has developed a unique style, which is present throughout all the songs. While she has variety in all the songs, they all have the same feel about them which makes the album feel personal. It really feels like Beyoncè has given part of herself to us in B’Day. For the first half of the album Beyoncè asks her lover to “give me some sugar mama” and other sassy “I want you” messages. In Get Me Bodied Beyoncè chants “We can skip small talk, lets get to the chase. A little sweat ain’t gonna hurt no body… get me bodied. You want my body won’t you get me bodied”.

For the second half of the album this mood changes dramatically where the main subject matter is taking a stand and not having a lover. In Kitty Kat she complains that her lover is not coming home on time and she’s “not feeling it” and even goes as far to say “your sex ain’t all that.” In Freakum Dress she tells her lady followers that sometimes they just need to go out and have a fun time without being tied down by a man. At the end of the song she sing-talks the lines “every now and then you’ve gotta go back to the closet and put you FreakumBeyoncè - B'Day dress on.” Green Light depicts her lover telling her leave (i.e Green Light to leave) and in Irreplaceable she asks her lover to go and put his possessions in “a box to the left.” Resentment has the same subject matter as all of the previous songs on the second half of the album, however it lacks power and attitude like the other songs. The album ends on a happier note with Check On It, which was featured in the 2006 remake of The Pink Panther.

B’Day is executed well, much thanks to Beyoncè’s powerful and unique voice. It features a variety of different music styles while maintaining the same musical underlay throughout. The albums messages contradict each other, however the lyrics pretty good, except for one extremely corny line in Kitty Kat where Beyoncè tattles the lines “I’m taking back the things I got from you, you and that includes my sweet little nooky too, too.” In the words of the diva herself “If you’ve got it flaunt it”, Beyoncè clearly has it and she’s flaunting it with style.



Déjà Vu | Get Me Bodied | Upgrade U | Ring The Alarm | Kitty Kat | Freakum Dress | Green Light | Irreplaceable | Check On It

Suga Mama | Resentment



Overall Rating:4.5 Stars4½ Stars

Beyoncè - B'Day