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alan – Ashita e no Sanka

alan ashita e no sanka

1. Ashita e no Sanka
2. Sakura Modern
3. Ashita e no Sanka (Instrumental)
4. Sakura Modern (Instrumental)

Ashita e no Sanka is alan’s debut Japanese single, and peaked at #69 on the Oricon Weekly Charts. It was released on the 21st of November 2007, under the label “Avex”. All the lyrics were written by Nojima Shinji.

Ashita e no Sanka (meaning: A Hymn for Tomorrow) starts off as every balled usually does, minimal instruments and a sweet voice singing, however this quickly changes, when some Tibetan inspired instruments enter the scene. alan’s vocals sound full of life. This songs sounds mystical, however it’s only until the third verse that we see this songs full potential. alan’s voice is just amazing, she hits the high notes so well, and can hold them for what seems like a century, my mouth literally dropped when I heard the third verse, man it’s just amazing! And things don’t slow down from here. For the rest of the song alan continues to hit those high notes fantastically and with what seems like, great ease. The arrangement really matches her type of voice. This is really a breath of fresh air, from the mainstream J-Pop.

Sakura Modern opens with, what seems to be a stream running and some oriental strings, and a slight bit of syth. alan’s vocals are relaxing! The chorus is pretty fantastic, even though alan doesn’t use any vibratos in this song, it is still a joy to listen to and it doesn’t get boring. I like the use of some Western sounding strings against the Tibetan strings, they really contrast, and it proves effective.

Wow! alan has surprised me. My expectation was that she would be a typical J-Pop singer, but she proved me wrong. alan truly showcases some amazing vocals and is a rare find. Highly recommended!

5 Stars5 stars


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