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Ami Suzuki – Supreme Show

Ami Suzuki - Supreme Show

Track list:
1. TEN
2. can’t stop the DISCO
3. climb up to the top
5. Mysterious
6. change my life
8. A token of love
10. flower
11. ONE

Supreme Show is Ami Suzuki’s 7th album it was released on the 12 of November, 2008 and reached number 16 on the Oricon Weekly Charts selling a total of 13, 094 units.

Ami, Ami, Ami, oh what a big ten years you’ve had in the music industry! It’s no secret that your career has had its ups and downs and you may not be as popular as before… but ever thought about why… is it because your music just isn’t interesting…? Unfortunately yes!

Nothing annoys me more when girls like Ami Suzuki who is perfectly capable of singing decides (or is it jus t Nakata) that she wants to be an alien – i.e. wear a thick yet wimpy vocador which destroys her voice and turns it into unintelligible alien shrieks. You’ve got to feel sorry for the poor girl and the other prisoners such as MEG enslaved under the evil reign of Nakata who are also prone to “alien whines”.

Ami Suzuki - Supreme ShowThe majority of the songs are boring beyond belief in terms of vocals. I’m sorry Ami, but I just don’t like listening to you when you sing with absolutely no emotion or depth. I know for a fact that Ami is perfectly capable of singing at least half decently; you just have to go an album back (DOLCE) to see that.

Songs like can’t stop the DISCO prove to have a slightly interesting back-beat, but still it is executed poorly and I’m sure if this was played in some sort of disco club it WOULD stop the disco as quick as a flash because lets face it this song could use some work. Perhaps climbing top position for one of the best song of the album is climb up to the top mainly because Ami’s vocals are actually slightly interesting putting aside the fact that the heavy moaning throughout the entire song is just disturbing.

Nakata proves just how arrogant he is with SUPER MUSIC MAKER (SA’085/A mix) which got me thinking… whoever though t he was a super music maker must think that my grandma is good at technology… yeah you get my drift.

I will however give Nakata some credit because I must commend him for the effort that a fair few of the songs on Supreme Show do have an interesting arrangement for the techno genre. While the songs may have a thin arrangement they can still prove interesting, however I go by what I said earlier Ami’s “alien whines” prove distracting. What I also found interesting about his arrangements was that there was actually a piano in most of the songs. Yes that’s right a piano… no …wait… it’s a keyboard! Still I liked the fact that he balanced his arrangements out with the slightest bit of organic instruments. Amazingly a violin can be heard in flower which was a plus amongst the many minuses.

Ami Suzuki - Supreme ShowAmi has made a statement in the music industry, proving that even if you have been in the music industry for ten years, it doesn’t make you any better as the years go and in this case it may actually make you worse. However I can’t go by without mentioning her single Reincarnation which was released after Supreme Show in which she literally did get reincarnated into a different person. Yes that’s right behind all the negative press for Reincarnation I did actually enjoy the single thoroughly mainly of her voice (even though she pretty much screams the whole song… but I mean that’s a step up from “alien shrieks” right?) and because she changed producers to Taku Takashi from m-flo which gave her a whole new revamped sound.

My opinions of each song can all be expressed by the rather dull and misleading track names. I could have listened to TEN for about ten more seconds before I would be bored out of my brains. can’t stop the DISCO had me wanting to stop this so called disco. While climb to the top almost climbed to best song on the album. SUPER MUSIC MAKER (SA’085/A mix) had me thinking just how not super Nakata’s music is. Mysterious was one of the few songs that lived up to its name because of its mysterious arrangement, however it still suffered the same fate as most of the other songs on the album. change my life was a song with no life changing elements. While LOVE MAIL didn’t make me want to send any love mail to Ami or Nakata. A token of love did win a token of my love. But TRUE, truly proved that this album was on a path to destruction. flower blossomed, well… nothing. ONE was one of the only songs I could say I actually really enjoyed and definitely is number one on the album.

While overall I didn’t like this album there where a few elements such as a few interesting arrangements which saved the album from death and destruction, however this album is no Supreme Show and not something I really recommend. Despite being so harsh in this review I don’t have anything against Ami or Nakata, I just think that this album could have used a lot more work to make it the Supreme Show that it was meant to be.



ONE | A token of love


TEN | climb up to the top | can’t stop the DISCO | change my life | TRUE | A token of love


SUPER MUSIC MAKER (SA’085/A mix) | Mysterious | LOVE MAIL | flower

2 Stars
2 Stars

Ami Suzuki - Supreme Show