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I Love Chihiro Onitsuka!

I Love Chihiro Onitsuka

Yes, so as you may have guessed from the image above this post is about my love for the singer/songwriter Chihiro Onitsuka.


Chihiro OnitsukaChihiro Onitsuka was born on the 30th of October, 1980 in Nango, Miyazaki. She was strongly influenced by Western Artists such as The Carpenters and later on Jewel which is her main inspiration as a singer and songwriter.

Chihiro was originally signed under the label Toshiba EMI, however in 2004 she changed labels due to the fact that Toshiba EMI released an A-side album against her will. To this day Toshiba EMI still release material of Chihiro… I guess they must miss her huh?

Ironically her first single Shine didn’t even make to top 200 on the Oricon Charts, however her second single Gekkou which was of an entirely different nature, being a haunting ballad compared to an upbeat pop song, which honestly does not suit Chihiro. Her second single was followed by Cage and in 2001 followed by Memai/Edge which Best Lyrics Award at the Japan Record Awards.

Chihiro OnitsukaHer first album Insomnia was released on the 7th of March, 2001 and currently is her only number one material to date. It is estimated that sales topped 1.4 million. From then on her popularity has declined, however she still managed to release beautiful piano-driven ballads.

In 2002 Chihiro started a new era with the release of infection/LITTLE BEAT RIFLE. Despite being possibly Chihiro’s best and most emotional song to date infection was plagued with controversy. The Western world was getting over the grief and terror of the September 11 attacks, when Chihiro released a song with figurative lyrics about a “heart-shattering” explosion. Unfortunately the timing couldn’t have been worse and because of this promotion of infection was cancelled – one of the many mistakes made by Toshiba EMI. Chihiro released a sixth single Ryuuseigun which was then followed up with her second album This Armor

A mere nine months later and Chihiro released her third album Sugar High. With very little promotion Sugar High still managed to reach two onChihiro Onitsuka the Oricon. During the end of Chihiro’s Toshiba EMI days she released four singles Sign, Beautiful Fighter, Ii Hi Tabidachi Nishe e and Watashi wo Waltz wo. Then tragedy struck… Chihiro needed to have throat surgery (which is the worst type of surgery for a singer as it can permanently effect their voices) if she was to peruse her singing career. Chihiro’s voice is noticeably different and weaker on her fourth album LAS VEGAS however in later singles her voice seems to have improved.

Being the smart label that they are (cough cough) Toshiba EMI decided to release a best of album, entitled Singles Box against Chihiro’s wishes which in return Chihiro packed her boxes and broke the ties with the record label.

In 2004 she signed a label under Universal Music and released a breaking her folk barriers by released a rock inspired single Sodatsu Zazzou. Despite once again having little promotion (not even a PV!) the single reached 10 on the Oricon Charts!

And then…

…Chihiro seemed to disappear from the face of the planet…

Chihiro OnitsukaChihiro went on a three year hiatus in which she was stalked, at one point weighed only 36 kilograms, read comics and listened to Arashi and Tori Amos.
In 2007 Chihiro came back from the dead (or at least it seamed that way) and released two singles everyhome and Bokura Barairo no Hibi followed by her fourth and much anticipated album LAS VEGAS.

Currently after the release of LAS VEGAS Chihiro has released two singles Hotaru which was released in August, 2008 and X/Last Melody which was released on the 20th of May 2009. Another single Kaerimichi wo Nakushite is scheduled for release on the 25th of July 2009, which will hopefully be followed up by a fifth album.


I discovered Chihiro Onitsuka purely by chance. The first song of hers I ever listened to was Gekkou and from then on I have been captivated!Chihiro Onitsuka Chihiro’s alto voice is STUNNING! Her head voice and most notably her chest voice is ~amazing~!

Waiting for Chihiro to release new material has been an excruciating wait, however it was worth the wait. X/Last Melody was released a few days ago (May 20 to be exact) and is amazing and shows a darker and aggressive side of Chihiro.

Chihiro is highly recommended to people who like… uh anyone really? I won’t make comparisons to other artists because the fact of the matter is that her voice is completely original and her arrangements are so ambient that she bends the rules of pop and rock to come up with emotional, heartwarming and heartbreaking songs about love, pain and loss delivered with mystifying arrangements and an exceptional voice.

Yes… I’m just slightly obsessed ^^

Chihiro Onitsuka



Chihiro Onitsuka – Hotaru

Chihiro Onitsuka Hotaru

1. Hotaru

Hotaru is Chihiro Onitsuka’s 14th single and reached 11 on the Oricon weekly charts, and is still charting.

Hotaru starts off with some French inspired strings, then slowly some piano and percussion. From the first note Oni sings I notice that her voice is smoother then before, even after her throat surgery, it manages to sound just as good as before. The vocal are way better then the ones seen on “LAS VEGAS”. Chihiro hits the notes so well and this makes in an absolute joy to listen to! Without doubt one of her strongest songs.

Some sweet acoustics introduce us to the song HIDE AND SCREAM. Chihiro’s vocals are rich and full of life, I began to think that after her throat surgery her voice wouldn’t be the same, but she proved me wrong. Although this song has pretty much the same melody throughout it doesn’t get boring, because Oni’s vocals truly make this song come to life.

Chihiro’s new single was a real surprise for me. I was quite depressed after I heard her vocals on LAS VEGAS, I didn’t think they’d ever be the same (don’t get me wrong, LAS VEGAS was still a good album) however she truly shined in this single, and have big hopes for her in the future.

5 Stars
5 stars

Hotaru Promo

Chihiro Onitsuka – Infection/LITTLE BEAT RIFLE

Chihro Onitsuka InfectionTracklist:
1. Infection

Infection/LITTLE BEAT RIFLE a double A-side single and is Chihiro’s 5th single and reached #5 on the Oricon charts selling 172, 000 copies.

Infection emotional song that starts off with a soothing piano solo, which is a great start to the song, making it feel genuine. This ballad has powerful and wonderful alto vocals, which is why Chihiro Onitsuka without doubt is the best ballad singer/writer ever! Someway through the song Oni adds beautiful strings. English lyrics are scattered throughout, which is good for non-Japanese speaking people. The lyrics are just amazing, but they did face some controversy, this is one of Oni’s best songs!

LITTLE BEAT RIFLE opens up with a cheery piano, and Oni’s fantastic vocals. The arrangement isn’t nearly as good as Infection, but Oni’s amazing voice is enough to satisfy anybody. The lyrics and atmosphere to the song are somewhat happier then Infection and it sends a nice message across. While I thought this song was amazing, the arrangement got on the boring side for me and it didn’t have to same emotional appeal as Infection has, but a very good try.

Chihiro’s 5th single is great! Infection being the main attraction, but LITTLE BEAT RIFLE is still a great song! A strong single from the strongest voice in the Japanese music industry!

4 Stars4 stars