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Crystal Kay – Anata no Soba de

Crystal Kay - Anata no Soba de

1. Anata no Soba de

Anata no Soba de is Crystal Kay’s 23rd single. It reached 30 on the Oricon charts and sold 4,059 copies.

“Hey baby, won’t you come a little bit closer!” The opening of Anata no Soba de is strong. Then the R&B feel just pounds in, it creates a great atmosphere to the song. Kay uses the phrase “anata no soba de” a lot throughout the song, which makes it feel like she really wants us near her, as the title name means “by your side.” The only down point for this song is that it gets very repetitive, and to me if something gets too repetitive it gets boring, but still it’s an interesting song.

4 Stars
4 stars