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JYONGRI – Love Forever

JYONGRI - Love Forever

Track list:
1. Love Forever
2. Tender Touch
3. Kissing Me
4. Unchanging Love ~Kimi ga Ireba~ (with Whisper)
5. Catch me
6. Lullaby For You
7. Watashi no Taiyou
8. Naitemo Ii yo
9. You’re the One
10. Lovers DRIVE
11. The Chills
12. Still in Love

Love Forever is JYONGRI’s second Japanese studio album. It was released on the 2nd of July, 2008 and reached number 17 on the Oricon Charts, selling 17, 477 copies.

JYONGRI opens her new love themed album with a beautiful acapella entitled Love Forever . This is an appropriate opening song, as it gives us a taste into what the majority of the album will be – peaceful love ballads. The love feel continues on with Tender Touch which is a string and based ballad where she emotionally sings the lines ”It only takes that tender touch.”

JYONGRI - Love ForeverEven from just looking at the track list, it is pretty obvious that Love Forever is all about love and nothing else, however for JYONGRI that’s a good thing. Too many have complained that there are too many ballads on this album, however JYONGRI performs these ballads in a professional and heart-warming manner so they never seem like a bore… well at least on this album.

JYONGRI’s vocals are amazing, they are so smooth and soft, while being full and deep at the same time, she hits all the right notes and even though she sings in an alto voice she still manages to reach the high notes with ease. Her vocals never fail to impress me and it’s a shame that’s she’s not all that popular in the Japanese music industry, because I really think that she has truly outstanding vocals. They are more refined than in Close To Fantasy and she doesn’t seem to be straining to reach any of the notes like in a few of the songs on her previous album.

Even though this album is made almost entirely of ballads, the upbeat songs are placed thoughtfully so you never get too many ballads in a row (if that’s even possible for JYONGRI). Most ballads maintain the same general atmosphere; however they do contain enough variety so that the songs don’t all sound the same. JYONGRI’s preferred instrument is the keyboard and the piano is present in some songs, such as Still In Love. Besides the keyboard/piano some other instruments can be heard throughout Love Forever. An acoustic guitar and be heard in STARS and an electric guitar can be heard in Watashi no Taiyou.

Like her previous album, Love Forever features a fare bit of synth, but this is balanced out with acoustic and genuine instruments. Unlike Close To Fantasy, the synth on Love Forever is elaborated and is of much higher quality, well for the most of it anyway. The only time the quality of the synth seems to lack is in Catch me, however JYONGRI’s vocals in Catch me are extremely, well, catchy! So the lacking quality of the synth in this song isn’t as noticeable. The best examples of synth can be seen in Kissing Me, Lover’s DRIVE and The Chills. All of these songs are well created and the synth really ads to the fun atmosphere of the song. Possibly the most synthesised song on the album is Lover’s DRIVE which is a fun and extremely catchy song.

JYONGRI - Love ForeverJYONGRI captures the highs and lows of love in her album, and finishes the album of on a sadder and emotional manner. Still In Love and STARS are hauntingly beautiful songs which showcase JYONGRI’s almost depressing side. Still In Love which opens with a ravishing, yet simple piano solo is a song about missing a lover. The emotional atmosphere is displayed very well and JYONGRI’s vocals are mellower this time around. STARS is just as beautiful and JYONGRI’s vocals are so emotionally as she sings beautiful lines such as “In the sky we shine.” JYONGRI really knows how to finish the album off on a good note.

Love Forever was shockingly amazing and is better than Closer To Fantasy in every aspect. JYONGRI is one of the sincerest, sweet and emotional singers in the J-Pop industry. JYONGRI is not your average J-Pop star and remains true to herself at all times. Her lyrics depict very cute, and emotional times of love and her English is perfect. On Love Forever JYONGRI shows all the sides of love, the ups and downs, the good and bad, the strong and weak. JYONGRI’s vocals are amazing and one of the best in the industry, and JYONGRI is very good at portraying her emotions through her voice. Love Forever was a surprising album in the fact that every song on it was presented astoundingly and is an album I’m pretty sure I’ll love forever!


Love Forever | Tender Touch | Kissing Me | Unchanging Love ~Kimi ga Ire wa~ (With Whisper) | Catch me | Lullaby For You | Watashi no Taiyou | Naitemo Ii yo | You’re the One | Lovers DRIVE | The Chills | Still In Love | STARS



Overall Rating:
5 Stars5 stars

JYONGRI - Love Forever



JYONGRI – Winter Love Story

JYONGRI - Winter Love Story

1. Winter Love Story
2. Tender Touch
3. Blue Destiny
4. Winter Love Story (Instrumental)
5. Tender Touch (Instrumental)
6. Blue Destiny (Instrumental)

Winter Love Story is JYONGRI’s 6th single, was released on the 3rd of December, 2008. It is her first single to be released after her second album Love Forever. This single reached number 31 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 4,254 copies.

With a name like Winter Love Story, one would think that this song would be a ballad, however I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this song, because even though I love Winter Love Story - PromoJYONGRI’s ballads, I think that she has released a lot of them lately, so Winter Love Story was a breath of chilly fresh air. Winter Love Story is a groovy, and at the same time a sad love song. The lyrics depict JYONGRI wanting her true love to come back to her for Christmas. The song is extremely catchy and has a high production value. It has lovely lyrics and some terrific English hooks such as “White snow falls and I think of you, wondering if you are thinking of me, like you used to.” The arrangement is spectacular and is different from JYONGRI’s past works, as it has a more techno feel, I also thought that the Christmas bells throughout the song were a welcome addition.

I don’t really get why Tender Touch is on this single, as it was on her album Love Forever. However I enjoyed listening to this song on the Love Forever album, so I enjoyed listening to it again on this single. JYONGRI’s voice in this is just superb and she sings the lyrics with great emotion. The only downside to this song is that it is repetitive and long, which makes it feel like it’s dragging on.

Blue Destiny would have made just as good A-side on this single. It starts of with piano, but unlike her previous works the piano doesn’t sound as digitally enhanced, which creates a very mellow effect. JYONGRI’s vocals in this song are downright depressing, which really adds to the overall pitiful atmosphere of this song. Like lots of her songs it has strong backing vocals and that give a little boost to JYONGRI’s already perfect vocals. The song really reaches its full potential during the bridge leading up to the chorus and the chorus itself, it’s really illuminating!

Winter Love Story was winter bliss. It had a lot of variation from a techno-pop orientated song, to a string orientated ballad, to a piano orientated ballad, all presented with that fantastic voice of hers. Another high quality single from JYONGRI.

Rating4.5 Stars4½ stars

JYONGRI - Winter Love Story PV promo

JYONGRI – Kissing Me

Kissing Me - JYONGRI

1. Kissing Me
2. You’re The One
3. Lullaby For You -English Version-  
4. Kissing Me (Instrumental)
5. You’re the One (Instrumental)

Kissing Me is JYONGRI’s 4th single. It reached 11 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold over 11, 513 copies. It was released on the 30th of January, 2008.

Kissing Me is a fast paced dance ballad. It starts out with a fast piano line, and from then on I was hooked, it is insanely catchy. It has a happy yet mellow tune as JYONGRI asks someone (presumably a lover) to kiss her. JYONGRI’s vocals are top notch (as they always are) and she has complete control of her voice throughout the entire song. The song doesn’t seem like it’s dragging on because it has a mighty fine bridge about three quarters of the way through.

I love the way that JYONGRI peacefully says You’re The One at the beginning of the song, and I love the way that throughout the song all the backing vocals say are “you are the one.” The arrangement kept me interested throughout the entire song, even when JYONGRI isn’t singing – especially the plucking of the harp and the snare drums about two thirds of the way through, oh and I almost forgot the triangle! That adds a welcome addition to the song. The arrangement of the song is mystifying.

Lullaby For You –English Version- is just the same as the original in terms of arrangement, however as the name says the lyrics are in English. Unlike the English version of Possession the lyrics in Lullaby For You –English Version- are extremely smooth and more heartfelt, (but then again Lullaby For You is a ballad and Possession is a dance track). The arrangement starts off with just the piano and JYONGRI’s emotional vocals, however later and orchestra of strings are added and some synth beats to compliment it. The English version of Lullaby For You is just as good as the original.

 Kissing Me was sheer enjoyment, I enjoyed every part of it, and could not find any faults in it. JYONGRI continues to have simplistic, but at the same time catchy and lovable arrangements, and with a voice likes hers it’s hard not to love her!

Rating5 Stars5 stars

JYONGRI - Kissing Me - Promo