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Kanon Wakeshima – Still Doll

Kanon Wakeshima -Still Doll

1. Still Doll
2. Kuroi Torikago
3. Still Doll (Music Box Version)

Kanon Wakeshima is new to the Japanese Pop industry. This is her debut single reaching #22 on the Oricon Weekly charts. She is cellist, and the cello is a prominent instrument in her music. She’s worth the listen.

Still Doll starts off with deep cello chords, and a nice bass line, and then the glockenspiel is added. Wow, what a great way to start a song. Finally after a patient wait Kanon’s vocals enter the scene, and wow they’re good. There not as strong of Chihiro’s and Utada’s, ect. But they’re still great. They sound somewhat like a softer version of KOKIA’s vocals. There Kanon Wakeshima Still Doll Promoquite soothing actually. The accompaniment is relatively straight-forward, but in this case simple is good.

Kuroi Torikago or “Black Birdcage” is somewhat more dramatic. Once again the cello plays quite a big role. Along with the techo beats the cello sounds amazing. I just love string instruments like the violin and cello. Nothing on earth sounds like them. They’re fantastic. Later on a tad of piano is added along with some distorted vocals. This song is just as good as the A-side, if not better.

I don’t get why they put Still Doll (Music Box Version) on here. It’s a short instrumental piece, and as the name says, it sounds exactly like one of those ballerina music box things you open and the little plastic statue twirls around. I mean honestly, Kanon your worth more then a plastic ballerina toy. Although having saying this, the song really reminds me of the Marionette -Prelude- on Ayumi Hamasaki’s album GUILTY. I liked it, but I just thought it was kinda weird being on a debut single.

Wow I’m so glad I found Kanon Wakeshima. Yes the CD cover may look a tad gothic, but her music is very gentle, I guess it is a tad creepy too. Her voice, along with her accompaniment is unique, which is a fabulous thing because more and more Japanese artists are starting to sound the same. This single is definitely worth a listen, one of the best debut singles I’ve heard in a long time.

4.5 Stars
4½ stars