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February 12, 2009, 7:17 am
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2. HEy Girl
3. Sk8er Boi
4. Fxxk You And Your Money (ED BANGER ALL STARS remix)

PROMiSE is MiChi’s debut single. She has released another EP before PROMiSE called MiChi MadNesS, however this was before she was signed to a label. She is now signed to Sony. She was born in Britain and lives both in England and Japan.

PROMiSE was released on the 22nd of October, 2008 and reached number 12 on the Oricon Weekly Charts, selling 24,783 copies.

As soon as I listened to PROMiSEI knew that this would be a hit! Everything about it is addictive… especially the chorus. MiChi’s vocals are not bad at all, and she speaks English with ease, which is becoming rarer and rarer with J-Pop. The first verse is rather calm, until it reaches the chorus, where every element is full of energy. MiChi has a distinctive dance sound about her, but she does incorporate some rock elements into her song as well. The lyrics are just fantastic, especially the chorus where she says a mix of English and Japanese.

The strong beats and the elephant sound that opens HEy GirL immediately warned us that this song would be just as catchy as the PROMiSE. Once againMiChi incorporates catchy lyrics and an infectious beat, to give us a great song.

So MiChi’s a fan of Avril Lavigne ‘eh? Well that’s what it would seem because MiChi is singing the 2002 smash hit Sk8er Boi. MiChi’s cover is a lot more electronic elements (especially towards the end), however it still keeps the overall rock feel. Unlike the original MiChi’s version of it focuses more on the beat rather than the vocals. Even though it may not as be as good as the original, it’s still a catchy and unique cover.

Be prepared for some electronic aggression and power with Fxxk You And Your Money (ED BANGER ALL STARS remix). Unlike the original this song is mainly techno, especially with the weird alien-like sounds and the random beeps and bops. MiChi’s vocals are distorted, however they’re still just as catchy and aggressive. MiChi could give a few tips to other artists about making remixes, because quite frankly this is possibly one of the best remixes I have heard.

MiChi has clearly gotten of to a good start with PROMiSE, and there’s no stopping her. She’s aggressive and fierce, while at the same time being equally sweet and sincere. She has released an excellent A-side an equally good B-side, a cover with a unique twist and a smashing remix. There’s no doubt that she is one promising artist, to look out for in the future.

Rating4.5 Stars4½ stars