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Rie fu – Tsukiakari
January 17, 2009, 10:12 am
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Tsukiakari - Rie fu

1. Tsukiakari
2. dreams be
3. Tsukiakari (Instrumental)
4. dreams be (Instrumental)

Tsukiakari is Rie fu’s 7th single. It was released on the 25th of May, 2007. It climbed to 35 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and managed to sell 4, 516 copies. Tsukiakari was used as the ending track for the anime Darker Than Black.

Tsukiakari is a gorgeous ballad that commences with some distorted keyboard chords, and some soft maracas. Rie fu’s soothing voice follows soon after, she sings with a beautifulTsukiakari Scan mellow tone. She doesn’t vary her voice much, until the chorus starts, where she belts out the word Tsukiakari (moonlight) with great emotion. The verses are nice, but the chorus is the part of the song that truly stands out.

Rie fu’s English is exceptional, so dreams be came as a welcome B-side. The lyrics are as always creative and meaningful and still had some of the moon and night sky theme, because of lines such as “Today, I still watch the stars.” The arrangement is more upbeat than Tsukiakari, and a little more complex than Tsukiakari, but not much.

Tsukiakari was an excellent 7th single. Rie fu continues to get better with each single that she releases, and her voice is improving too, not that it needed to be improved in the first place…

Rating4.5 Stars4½ stars


Rie fu – Romantic
January 10, 2009, 6:59 am
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1. Romantic
2. In The Airplane
3. Money Will Love You

Romantic is Rie fu’s 11th single, and marks a new direction for Rie fu. Unfortunately it only managed to climb to #100 on the Oricon Weekly Charts. It was released on the 12th of November, 2008.

Rie fu has flown over to foreign ground with her new single Romantic. The moment I heard this single I was thinking “wow this is catchy,” which is something I don’t normally think of when I hear Rie fu. It is produced by Taku Takahashi, who is the DJ in the collaboration Artist m-flo, however it was only after I heard this song that I found out. The song starts out with haunting distorted strings (reminds me a bit of Viva La Vida by Coldplay). Bass beats follow soon afterwards, until it reaches the climax… the chorus. The chorus is just surreal! It’s all these techno beats infused together. The lyrics will be sure to impress to, they are quite simply, amazing! Even if you can’t understand the lyrics you will be able to feel the emotion that Rie fu puts in her voice. I admit her voice in her earlier voice are nice, but they simply can’t compare to her voice now. It is so sharp and clear, and her English is simply stunning – no sign of Engrish here. The thing I like about Rie fu’s English is that it matches her Japanese lyrics and it compliments her other lyrics. Everything about Romantic is stunning and takes my pick of best A-Side for 2008.

Rie fu’s holiday of singing to a completely new genre is over and now she’s In The Airplane flying home to intrinsic ground, however she’s not home yet. In The Airplane is a mix of her new experimental pop genre and her traditional folk genre. I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of this song, because I just don’t think the two genres compliment each other – well in this song at least. I would have preferred it if it was all folk or all experimental pop, rather than a bit of each, as it makes the song sound rather generic. Don’t get me wrong it’s quite nice and a bit catchy, but at the same time rather bland – however the lyrics are another story.

Rie fu’s back to common ground now with her second B-Side, Money Will Love You. I do admit that sometimes I can find Rie fu’s folk work to lack variety, but she makes up for it in skill. Rie fu has mastered this genre so well, and although not as catchy as Romantic, it is of extremely high quality. The song covers a really strange concept, most people although they do love money, don’t picture money loving them back, mainly because money creates as much pain as it cures – well rather than creating pain, it creates greed, and a lot of it, however in this song Rie fu talks about money as if it loves you just as much as you love it.

 Romantic was stunning in every way, it was one of catchiest and heartfelt songs I have heard in a long time. Rie fu created a rare combination, as well as having an infectious beat the lyrics are more heartfelt than most songs. Sometimes when we hear upbeat songs we only get one end of the spectrum, which is the beat. However Rie fu incorporates the other side of the spectrum in the lyrics, that are nothing short of exceptional. While I did think In The Airplane lacked the quality and energy that Rie fu puts in her songs, she made up for that with her other B-Side Money Will Love You. All in all a fabulous single and Rie fu’s best.

4 Stars4 stars

Rie fu - Romantic - Promo Shot