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Yuna Ito – Wish
June 4, 2008, 6:26 am
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Yuna Ito - Wish 
1. Power of Love
2. alone again
3. Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~
4. Urban Mermaid
6. Colorful
7. Unite As One
8. Mahaloha
9. A Long Walk
10. Moon Rabbit
11. I’m Here
12. Wish
13. Tokyo Days

Wish is Yuna Ito’s second album. It peaked at #3 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold almost 100,000 copies. It charted for a total of six weeks.

Power of Love is a refreshing song that opens the album. It is not nearly as energetic of lively as WORKAHOLIC, but still a catchy song. It does start to speed up. The English placed throughout is a nice touch, and the good thing about the English is that it’s actually understandable! Yuna’s vocals are delightful too. A good song to start the album, although it can get boring towards the end, making this song just above average.

alone again starts with an acoustic guitar being strummed, then Yuna’s sharp vocals enter the scene. This song is a peaceful one, almost like a lullaby. Violins and other strings are added later. A nice relaxing song.

Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~ is a duet with Céline Dion. At the beginning I was wondering how this would work, because their vocals are so different from each other. Céline’s are deep and thick and Yuna’s are quite high. However I was soon swept away, with the beautiful strings and even the odd electric guitar here and there. Wow, this is definitely a memorable song. Céline’s and Yuna’s vocals blend so well together. I love it when they just scream out the lyrics together. I would have to say, this is without doubt Yuna’s best ballad.

Many people have complained about Urban Mermaid’s stupid English lyrics, and I have to admit they are quite random, but who cares. This song is full of life! Yuna belts out the chorus so well, her vocals are improving. The constant backbeat is really effective, and the strings are just great. A nicesong!

HEARTBEAT opens with some techno-pop beats. Yuna’s vocals here are soft, and relatively good. It has a strong accompany line, however this song just sounds average, there’s nothing really special about this song. Although I like the “Ah’s” added through.

Colorful is the B-side to the Urban Mermaid single. I really like it. The stereo techno beats added throughout are really cool, and it makes the song vivid. It does get repetitive, but, the danceable beats hide it somewhat.

The techno piano at the beginning of  Unite As One are quite effective; however this song just drags on. I do like Yuna’s vocals, and the soft beats added throughout. I thought this song would’ve been better if it was half the time.

Yay, Mahaloha one of my favourite singles Yuna has made. This Hawaiian inspired pop song is fantastic. It features Micro from Def Tech. He’s okay, I guess, but Yuna is the main attraction here. I love how she weaves between English in Japanese, and the lyrics are really sweet.

Here we are the best song on the album. A Long Walk is Yuna’s most experimental work to date. The lyrics are minimal, mainly Yuna just going “aaah” and lots of English lyrics. The distorted beats are amazing, and work really well with Yuna’s voice. The beats are very repetitive, but they’re so unique that it doesn’t matter one iota. Yuna please release more songs like this!

Moon Rabbit is just above mediocre song, nothing really special here, except perhaps the name. Yuna’s vocals are slightly distorted, which adds a ghostly atmosphere. This song is a good listen, but not something I would put on repeat.

I love the fast paced opening of I’m Here. The strings totally suit this song. Yuna vocals are very aggressive, as is the feel of this song. We’re not used to Yuna being this aggressive, but man it’s good! The violins follow Yuna’s voice, which makes a unique feeling. A great effort from Yuna.

Wish starts off with a slow, soft piano and some little shimmers. Yuna’s vocals are at their peak here. There is minimal arrangement, but that suits this song. It’s a decent ballad, but not as good as the ballad’s on here previous album HEART. I just wish there was more to this song.

Tokyo Days is a fun loveable pop song, but lacks originality. This upbeat song has a lot of synth beats. The choir behind her vocals is quite clever, but this song isn’t very memorable.

MY HEART WILL GO ON is sung entirely in English and is a cover of the Titanic theme song, originally sung by Céline Dion. Yuna has some pretty big shoes to fill, as this is possibly one of the most famous English songs. Yuna must have realised, because she showcases her best vocals. Her vocals are fuller then most of her other songs. Once again the choir is added, but isn’t as prominent. Wow, Yuna has done an excellent job, and I confess; this song is better then the original, but then again I’m not a huge fan of Céline Dion.

WISH is an improvment over HEART. Her vocals are stronger and she is experimenting with various styles. I must say that before I listened to this album, I didn’t have high expectations at all, but now I am looking forward, very much so to her next album.

Rating3.5 Stars3½ stars

Yuna Ito Wish - Promo


Yuna Ito – Maholoha
May 16, 2008, 8:21 am
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1. Mahaloha
2.Shining On
3. stuck on you -Reggae Disco Rockers Kiss & Tell Remix-
4. Mahaloha -Instrumental-

Mahaloha is Yuna Ito’s 8th single. It reached 5 on the Oricon charts, selling 43,233 copies.

Mahaloha is feel good pop. The song opens with simplistic guitars and some percussion instruments. Yuna transitions between Japanese and English so well in this song. About half of the song is in English. Yuna’s voice is calm and relaxed, and very crisp. The song sounds Hawaiian, and the name is a giveaway too, as the song name is Mahalo and Aloha merged together. This upbeat track is very easy to love.

I’m not as keen on the second song – Shining On, but the opening line is so powerful, which had me captured from the first moment, this song also has a surprising amount of English in it too, but then again I guess it not that surprising as Yuna’s first language is English. It features a nice instrumental solo about three quarters through the piece. The only reason that this song isn’t as good as the A-Side is because of repetitiveness. Otherwise a great song.

stuck on you -Reggae Disco Rockers Kiss & Tell Remix- is a great remix, with Yuna speaking on the phone for the introduction, which is very kawaii. This is a song about a crush Yuna has on a “Bad Boy.” It features good percussion and brass, which makes it very catchy; towards the end Yuna speaks on the phone again, which is possibly the best part of the song, because she sounds so cute.

Mahaloha is a great island pop song and matches Yuna’s heritage. It showcases nice vocals and great arrangements… highly recommended!

4.5 Stars
4½ stars