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Exchanging links with Ironic Clown couldn’t be easier. Just send me a comment below asking if you would like to exchange links, and send me the URL. I view your website and if it is to do with J-Pop (and in some cases K-Pop), I will more than likely add you to my blogroll and vice versa. Please note I will NOT be adding website to my blogroll that do not review asian music. However I will add you to my blogroll if your website reviews Asian and English music, and it meets my standards.

I have some buttons located below, that you can put on your website to link back to mine :)


Hitomi Shimatani

Koda Kumi

Rie fu

Utada Hikaru

and some newer ones…

 Ironic Clown Koda Kumi  Ironic Clown melody.  Ironic Clown Rie fu  Ironic Clown Hitomi Shimatani



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Hey! I got your comment and I would be happy to use one of your buttons. I snagged the Hitomi Shimatani button. ^^

Comment by Lex

hi joshua! I just thought since you’re making buttons, i made some for myself too..
i was wondering if you’d like to grab one of them and put it her.. :D
thanks in advance! :D:D

Comment by josh012595


Comment by josh012595

wow nice, thanks! I’ll be adding one of your buttons tomorrow, it’s too late now lol

and i’m also going to be making so new banners, mostly kuu because of TRICK

Comment by Die

HAH, okay, sure, I’ve added one of your buttons already!

Comment by Selryam

I snagged the alan one. ;D

Comment by radiantdawn

Like OMG why are we not linked? >_< Got you up already. :P

Comment by Jin

I’ve been reading your site for a bit of a long time and forgot to ask if you wanted to link each other xD

Comment by bucebucethecaboose

Hi. I’d appreciate it if we could exchange links. My Jpop blog is below:

Comment by kiseki gurl

hey i have a Visual Kei site…wanna exchange links???

Comment by Crispy

Yo! Your blog rocks! Let’s be blog bffs and exchange! XD

Click on my user name, because for some reason it’ll put this comment in spam if you put a link in your message.

Comment by Bozu

Hi there! I really like your blog. I was wondering if, by any chance, you’d like to exchange links?
It’s a J-Pop (and sometimes K-Pop) review blog. ^_^

Comment by askjeevas

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