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The Veronicas – Hook Me Up

The Veronicas - Hook Me Up
1. Untouched
2. Hook Me Up
3. This Is How It Feels
4. This Love
5. I Can’t Stay Away
6. Take Me On The Floor
7. I Don’t Wanna Wait
8. Popular
9. Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)
10. Someone Wake Me Up
11. All I Have
12. In Another Life

Hook Me Up is the second album by Australian Twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso, and peaked at #2 on the Australian ARIA chart, selling 164, 000 copies in Australia. It has been certified double platinum.

Untouched – the second single, starts off with some amazing, fast paced strings and some electro beats. The “oohs” and “aaahs” at the beginning of the song are effective. The Veronicas vocals are strong, however in the chorus they sound somewhat strained, but I think that’s the effect they were going for. The violins are carried throughout the strings and sound melodic. The lyrics are heartfelt and are sung with emotion. This is the perfect way to start any album.

Hook Me Up – the first and most successful single, starts off with some electro beats. Jess comes in and starts singing, the first verse, which is probably the best bit of the song. The chorus is very repetitive and somewhat whiny, which I found to be somewhat annoying, however the beats are catchy… and slightly addictive. I also really like the line, “I wanna feel the rain in my hair.” Doesn’t really make sense, but certainly is catchy.

This Is How It Feels would have to be the most aggressive song on the album; the lyrics are full of revenge, which adds more emotion. The Veronicas seem clearly distressed by the break up, stating “I hope it hurts”. The chorus is very catchy and gritty. I also like the guitar that is added towards the end of the piece. The outro at the end is also addictive; repeating the line “do you only want me, ‘cause you can’t have me?” over and over.

This Love – the third single, takes a more quiet heartfelt song. I really like the clapping beat present throughout. The lyrics are quite emotional. I liked the fact that The Veronicas whispered some lines, it added the overall effect.

The opening of I Can’t Stay Away sounds like something out of a horror movie, however the step-clap beats quickly enter the scene, in this song I really like the metaphors they use, by referring to someone as a drug – “I’m conflicted, inhale now I’m addicted”. Their vocals are extremely powerful and full of emotion, however this time they don’t sound as strained.

Take Me on the Floor – the fourth (and so far final) single. This is easily the most catchy and controversial song of the lot. From the minute the song starts I was hooked by the catchy dance beats. The chorus is so damn catchy with the “Take Me on the Floor, da da da da da da da.” It’s hard to review this song ‘cause I find myself dancing to it as I type.

The circus fair sound that starts I Don’t Wanna Wait quickly gets extinguished by pumping drums and electro beats. Even though this wouldn’t be a ballad, it is slow paced. The lyrics are once again full of emotion, however, I did find it to be somewhat, repetitive.

Popular is a tongue and cheek song about – you guessed it, being popular. It is in true Veronica style extremely catchy, and even though the lyrics are extremely plastic (but at the same time very amusing) they do actually have an element of truth to them. This song is quite aggressive, and might annoy some people, because of the fact that the song doesn’t really have much substance, but you have to look at this song upside down to get the real meaning out of this song… they’re being sarcastic, when they talk about popularity and fame. I have to admit this would be an awesome Britney Spears song.

Things slow down with Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) The distorted guitars, are amazing and add mystery to the song. The lyrics are extremely well written, and all about revenge, however The Veronicas still seem sad when they sing this song. In the chorus some electro beats are displayed; which I really enjoy. The Veronicas vocals in this song are relaxed, but at the same time extremely emotional.

The opening to Someone Wake Me Up is mysterious and unique; however I feel that the first verse of the song is very cliché, however the Veronicas redeem themselves in the chorus. Overall – loved the chorus. The verses – well they’re okay.

All I Have would have to be the most emotional song on the album, in my opinion. The Veronicas showcase their best vocals, and they’re lyrics are amazing too. This song is about cheating; and wanting someone back, and admitting they made a mistake… sort of weird though because in “Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)” someone cheated on one of The Veronicas, and he admitted he was sorry, and they apparently “just don’t care” so why should the boyfriend of the Veronica who cheated on him “just not care either”? However I have to say that this song would be the strongest song on the album, everything is perfect about it, I can’t really find any faults on it. I also really enjoy the piano added at the end, something we don’t normally see from them.

Well actually we do sometimes because In Another Life the opening is only piano. The Veronicas stated that this is their most emotional song, I agree it is emotional, but this song can’t really compare to “All I Have”, however The Veronicas stated that they were crying throughout this song, and it’s true if you listen really carefully you can hear one of them (I forgot if it’s Lisa or Jess) cry. The song starts out slow, but later electric guitars are added… and drums. So I guess you could call this a rock ballad.

The Veronicas second album surprised me immensely, while I was not to keen on their first album, I find they’re second album to be of exceptional quality. The Veronicas have taken a new direction, to the world of electro pop-rock, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this album.

5 Stars
5 stars