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Thelma Aoyama – DIARY


Aoyama Thelma - DAIRYTrack list:
1. My Beginning
2. Soba ni Iru ne [feat. SolJa]
4. My dear friend
5. Last Letter
7. GOOD TIME MIX [feat. MIKU from YA-KYM]
9. Paradise
10. This Day [feat. Dohzi-T]
11. Kono mama de
12. Anata ni aete Yokatta
13. Mama e

DIARY is Thelma’s Aoyama first studio album. It was released on the 26TH of March, 2008 and reached number three on the Oricon Weekly Charts selling a total of 372, 375 copies making it the 26th best selling Japanese album of the year.

Step aside Yuna Ito, Thelma Aoyama is here! From the beginning it’s quite clear that Thelma’s voice is absolutely amazing and matches perfect with the pop music that she makes. Her voice is soft, smooth and emotional which makes the entire album come to life and without her amazing voice the album wouldn’t be half as good as it is.

The beginning immediately tells us that this album will be a typical sincere, love based album. In the introduction track My Beginning Thelma says (in a quite well executed English) “This is way, my words, my message, my story, this is my… diary.”  The piano backs up these lines to add to the sweet feel of this track. It’s a great way to start an album as it gives us a taste of what we can expect.

PhotobucketThe introduction track flows immediately into the second song Soba ni Iru ne which is an lovely and rather mellow song. It features SoulJa which as usual doesn’t add any creative input and to be quite honest I would be perfectly happy if he wasn’t even in this track because his rapping ruins the mood. However this might be slightly biased coming from a person who can’t stand most rappers.

From ONE WAY to This Day Thelma shows her pop side with the occasional ballad thrown in here and there. Thelma’s pop tracks are produced well because she keeps things simple and balances it out with acoustic instruments, mainly the piano. This works well for the majority of the tracks, however a couple of tracks (mainly This Day) can tend to get on the boring side, and once again the rapping doesn’t do Thelma any favours. For a debut artist Thelma has collaborated with a fair amount of people. She worked with Soulja in Soba ni Iru ne, MIKU from YA-KYIM in GOOD TIME REMIX and Dohzi-T in This Day. Surprisingly none of the “featured” artists add anything special to the album and as I have said before I would be perfectly happy if they weren’t even included in the first place.

DIARY has a total of five (six if you include the introduction track) ballads. Some may call this a lot, but personally I think this is a perfect balance. Thelma performs her pop ballads at top quality, much thanks to her amazing and calming voice. She manages to convey a lot of emotion in her voice and can hit high notes well. She sings with a head voice that is clear and tranquil. The ballads do tend to sound the same, however I quite like all the ballads so this doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing.

Aoyama Thelma - DIARYThelma uses a moderate amount of English. The most can be seen in the introduction track, obviously, as it is completely in English. Thelma tends to say random phrases in English such as; ”Every night I’m missing you. Every night I want a new… Namida…” and “Don’t leave me alone, please don’t go away. You’re my everything.” and other cliché phrases like that.

Some may not like the track listing because most of the ballads seem to be squished at the end, but personally I don’t mind this track listing because it makes the album flow better and ends the album on a sincere note. The flow of the album is pulled off nicely, especially between My Beginning and Soba ni Iru ne which seem to flux into one song. Perhaps an interlude could have been included between This Day and Kono mama de, however even without an interlude the album seems to flow relatively well.

Overall DIARY is a great album. I think Thelma’s voice matches the type of music that she creates excellently. Even though this is Thelma’s first album she still manages to sound professional and genuine. She has released feel good pop music that is lightly sprinkled with synth to create a felicitous album with warm vocals a laidback feel.


My Beginning | Soba ni Iru ne [feat SoulJa | ONE WAY | My dear friend | Last Letter | Paradise | Kono mama de | Anata ni aete Yokatta | Mame e | DIARY

RHYTHM | GOOD TIME REMIX [feat. MIKU from YA-KYIM] | HIGHER | This Day [feat. Dohzi T]


Overall Rating:4 Stars4 stars

Aoyama Thelma - DAIRY